Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 27-28-29, 2018

Neighborhood Potters
2034 Fairmount Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Young Talent, Seasoned Potters Hundreds of Pots!

For the past several years, Sandi Pierantozzi and Neil Patterson have hosted a group show in the Spring, and have invited established potters from near and far to introduce their work to the Fairmount, Philadelphia neighborhood.  This year, in addition to established potters, they are excited to host a group of younger artists from the area, in order to highlight the next generation of potters.  Neil and Sandi are committed to supporting potters in general, but believe it is very important to cultivate the work of new potters in their beloved field of ceramics.  This will be their biggest pottery event ever with nine potters participating including Sandi & Neil.  Stay tuned for more info and photos

Participating Potters for this year are:
Royce Yoder
John Anthony

Victoria Smith
Adam Ledford

Melissa Mytty
Sasha Barrett
Jessica Hans